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Regional Network Leaders

Graham Quinn

North West Region

Graham is presently the Chief Executive Officer of the New Bridge MAT and Group. He has over 30 years experience of working with children and young people with additional needs.

Graham is also the National SEND ambassador for the schools students and teachers network (SSAT).  The network represents the views of 350 special schools across the country.  He is also chair of Special School’s Voice (SSV) a group that works directly with key national policy makers.  It is within this role that he works on a regular basis with The DFE, The new Schools Network, The RSCs, Ofsted and many other governmental departments.  He advocated for young people with disabilities on the 2012 Olympic group.  He was a past member of the National Head teachers’ steering group.

He is a National Leader of Education and works as a School Improvement Partner for schools in a number of local authorities.

He has experience of presenting at local, regional and National levels particularly on raising aspirations, curriculum design, workforce reform and establishing 21st century learning environments.  He has written many articles for various publications and books.

He has a passion that all young people should be able to progress and achieve within excellent schools.   He fervently believes that young people should be offered a stimulating and relevant curriculum.   Their school experiences should prepare each individual to be able to contribute and participate in communities, and society as a whole. 

Graham Q